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Companies That Successfully Used Social Enterprise Networks

Since the advent of the internet and other social media applications, many companies have used social media networks to give their businesses... Learn More

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Companies That Successfully Used Social Enterprise Networks

Since the advent of the internet and other social media applications, many companies have used social media networks to give their businesses huge leaps.

In 2013, Gartner Inc. predicted that by 2017, 60% of organizations would have utilized social collaboration platforms to foster interaction and communication within their organizations.

A number of businesses incorporated basic web 2.0 tools to improve internal communication among staffs, disseminate information at the speed of light and set goals in collaboration.

Many companies have even moved on to more modern social enterprise networking tools. These provide unlimited possibilities for information sharing, mapping out company operation processes before they are carried out, utilizing dormant skills of employees and reducing company’s production costs.

Here are 5 companies that have successfully used social enterprise networking tools to improve their internal business operations, cut costs and improve sales.

Westfield Group – AShopping Center Business

Westfield Group is a business with over a 100 shopping stores in the U.S, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil.

One of the challengesWestfield Group had was to unify operations across its different shopping centers dispersed around the world. Westfield uses a social network collaboration platform to sync information between workers, management and partners.

This covers gaps in communication, operation standards and processes across its different shopping centers. Its intranet social networking platformenables easy access to files, information and real-time solutions to any problem an employee needs to solve quickly.

Another challenge Westfield Group shopping business had to solve was sourcing for new shopping centers to buy or lease, settling legal frameworks for proceedings and managing operations in its different locations.

The company Director, Andy Hodges, realized that each shopping center needs to be connected to others for a unified company function.

He introduced a social enterprise network that allows the company source for information from customers and people outside the company to revise and realign their social media strategies.

Zappos -An Online Fashion Retailer

Zappos is an online clothing and shoe retailing business based in Henderson, Nevada. Reaching out to customers all over the world through their resident employees in those countries is a daunting task but the company relies on various social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect their burgeoning customers to representative employees dispersed all over the world.

Zappos also boosts internal communication among its staff by using a business networking software. Graham Kahr, the social commerce manager at Zappos says the success of the business can be attributed to the seamless movement of information between management and employees.

Kahr says that employees are free to exchange ideas anytime and without stress. The company also ensures there is no gap between employee’s everyday lives and their works.

Manhattan Associates -A Software Company

Manhattan Associates is a software company that offers professional technical support to other corporations such as Walmart and American Eagle Outfitters.

The company’s primary goal is to coordinate and speed up operations in the supply chain of their clients’ customers and employees.

Manhattan Associates has about 2,200 employees located in 9 countries that help to deploy their services using highly mobile social network tools.

The Executive Vice President of the company, Dennis Story, said the company wanted its software engineers to have efficient tools for communication, so the company incorporated social network building software.

The company gathers and sends information to its customers in minutes, using the ‘search’ feature on its social network programs.

Pfizer Company-A Pharmaceutical Company

Pfizer is a Pharmaceutical production company with production bases in over 150 countries and employees numbering up to a 100,000.

Effective communication among this large mass is critical to business success.

Bob Libbey, the Head of Digital and Social Communications at Pfizer says, ‘We always hankered for a way which can make our employees interact and share data. You know how that is imperative for us because the pharmaceutical industry is growing very fast and we need to get our employees ‘move’ with the world.’

Pfizer uses installed intranet systems to allow employees share vital information in no-time without the delay or rigors of emailing.

Bob Libbey confirms that the use of social collaboration platforms in Pfizer has increased productivity.Now that employees don’t have to travel as often, they could spend those times attending to client needs.

Unisys -A Software and IT Company

Unisys is a software and IT company based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, whose business software and IT solutions are used all over the world.

The company realized its need for social enterprise networks when it noticed the ineffectiveness of half its employees. The company then set up social collaboration platforms between its employees and trainers.

Gloria Burke, the collaboration Strategy and Governance Director, said the social collaboration solutions helps new employees have a less stressful learning experience. And guess what? This saves the company training costs too.

The human resource department also used collaboration platforms to gather basic performance grades from employees and utilize this information for motivation, rewards and promotion planning. You can get a better idea of such options at


Many companies are already achieving success by riding on the waves of modern corporate social networking as traditional communication media are going extinct. Whatever problems you notice in your business and wish to solve, be it communication gaps or lack of sales or training needs, social enterprise networks can help solve them.